Saturday, March 10, 2007

Concern over female foeticide

The Hindu, March 10, 2007

''Female foeticide remains the gravest of all issues concerning women "Every night in a hospital, a girl child is aborted in silence"

NEW DELHI: Even as the country celebrated the spirit of women on International Women's Day on Thursday, female foeticide remains the gravest of all the issues concerning women and education of girl child also needs urgent attention. As women on all continents -- divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic and cultural differences -- came together to celebrate the day, organisations working for women emancipation across the country hoped that every woman would be actively involved in raising awareness about issues concerning them and work for building confidence among Dalit and Adivasi women.

According to Centre for Social Research (CSR) Director Ranjana Kumari, every night in a hospital, a girl child is aborted in silence. "This is a state of emergency and protecting the girl child is the need of the hour." Dr. Kumari also called for a comprehensive policy to ensure universal access to healthcare and security for the elderly population, especially aged women. "Several researchers suggest that women live longer than men. It is important that policies are also formulated for the elderly keeping the gender dimension in mind," added Dr. Kumari. As women struggle to participate in society on an equal footing with men, women's groups are gearing up to address the grave problem of dismal care that women receive .