Sunday, April 18, 2010

Politicians, religious leaders condemn foeticide

New Delhi April 17, 2010 - Politicians and religious leaders today came together to condemn female foeticide and launch an awareness drive against the menace. Union ministers Sushil Kumar Shinde, Sriprakash Jaiswal and Sachin Pilot were unanimous in their condemnation of the practice. They were speaking at a programme organised by Celebrate Life Peace Foundation, an organisation started by Acharya Lokesh Muni. The foundation launched a year-long programme to create awareness among people to protect girl children.

"Female foeticide is a big menace. This initiative to create awareness against it is a timely and important step," Shinde said. Jaiswal said people should not discriminate between girls and boys.

Regretting the trend of female foeticide, Pilot said such practice is against the cultural tradition of the country. Muni asked members of the foundation to create awareness against female foetice, protect women and work for peace and happiness.


mini said...

Mrs. Kiran Walia

Respected madam,
I had filed a complaint against my husband and in laws for cheating me into a sex determination test during my pregnancy. The enquiry was conducted by C.D.M.O (North West) and later by the team of doctors at Maulana Azad
Medical College, New Delhi
I would like to point out certain points
I am one of the first complainant in whole of India under the act
The enquiry done by C.D.M.O (North-West) has found that no form F was filled when the ultrasound was done on me by radiologist at Jaipur Golden Hospital,
New Delhi. The law is very very clear on this aspect and says that- Person conducting ultrasonography on a pregnant women shall keep complete record thereof in the clinic/centre in Form – F and any deficiency or inaccuracy
found therein shall amount to contravention of provisions of section 5 or section 6 of the Act, unless contrary is proved by the person conducting such ultrasonography, where section 5 and 6 relates to “5. Written consent of pregnant woman and prohibition of communicating the sex of fetus” and “Determination of sex prohibited ”respectively
The enquiry conducted by team of doctors at M.A.M.C has added the facts that fetal ultrasound was never advised by the gynecologist, but still it was done.
The enquiry committee at M.A.M.C has also mentioned the fact about the agreement wherein my husband has agreed that he will in future never force me for sex determination or sex selective abortion.
The handbook on act released by Gov. of India very clearly states- “In some cases women may themselves complain that they were forced to get the sex of the fetus determined. Then that woman’s statement can be
recorded and she can also be called as a witness to depose about the doctor,the centre and the family members who forced her to get the test done.” In
other words even if there is no documentary evidence the words of the women is enough to file a complaint in court.
Despite all these evidences the C.D.M.O have stated that
there is no direct/circumstantial evidence of sex determination, and the enquiry committee set up at M.A.M.C states that the Appropriate Authorities
have done a very good investigation. They are giving a clear advantage to all the accused and ensuring that the court does not take cognizance in the case. My husband and in laws are getting advantage in all the cases because of the above said false lines. Madam, because of these
false lines I am facing a lot of harassment, and because of all this
harassment I may be forced to withdraw my complaints to save my daughters.
If the government does not have power to undo a wrong statement given by its
own personnel, and also government takes no action against them that in itself shows the dedication of the
government in fighting the menace of female feticide.
Madam as you probably know, my case has been mentioned even in the “2009
Human Rights Reports: India” released by U.S. department of state (***
*). I have all documentary evidences of the harassment being faced by me
after filling the case. First I was tortured by my husband and in laws, than
by the authorities, and now by judiciary. I have been told very clearly
(verbally) that in case I do not agree to withdraw my complaints, the
Honorable Judge will ensure that I will have to produce my little daughters in every date in the court. If this is the condition of our government and judiciary, I am troubled beyond words, and to save my daughters from harassment, may be forced to withdraw my complaint if nothing is done to rectify the wrong statements given in the enquiry report Thanking you in anticipation
A frustrated mother

Anonymous said...

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